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Tiffany Henning


Core Values

  • Make It Simple

  • Leave It Better

  • Keep It Real

  • Give It Away

  • Be Still & Let God Be God

Meet the Founder, Tiffany Henning


I have worked in Human Resources for 12 years, 8 of those years helping churches with their HR compliance and staff pain points. I often see passionate, hard-working, well intentioned ministry staff getting burned out. When things aren’t right with the staff internally, it reflects externally and people are driven away from ministry, the church, and even God.

I started working in ministry when I was 19 years old and directly experienced situations where the church did not do things well in regards to their staff. It was very hurtful. It drove me from away from church for 2 years and from ministry for over 6 years. Then I started working in HR for churches and when the shoe was on the other foot, I knew there had to be a way for ministries to do better.

Starting in 2014, I worked hard to earn my PHR (Professional Human Resource) and CRPC (Chartered Retirement Professional Counselor) certifications. In 2015, I began the process of creating a non-profit HR Network called HR Ministry Solutions to help simplify HR compliance and staff pain points for churches and ministries. This allows their culture to be healthy and sustainable. I finally moved full time into my role of Chief People Person of HR Ministry Solutions. I am confident that this is where God called me to be.

Since founding HR Ministry Solutions, I have helped many ministries with HR compliance, labor law, and staff issues. Many faith-based organizations will put HR and staff issues on the back burner because their plate is already full with trying to fund and grow their ministry. I ensure that this doesn’t happen.

More passion isn’t the answer, and bigger dreams aren’t always the solution. Every leader is asking two questions: How can we grow? How can we grow faster? The only way organizations can grow bigger and move faster is by accelerating the excellence of their systems and structures.
— Sam Chand, Bigger Faster Leadership.

This is what I do and I look forward to serving you.